About Us

As Entrepreneurs, the importance of owning a business was definitely a trait we wanted our son to inherit. Clark aka Lbb (our little brown boy), showed characteristics of leadership and hard work very early. He’s always been energetic and a quick thinker so right away we began channeling that energy and creativity into a brand that would represent him. Clark was well known amongst family, friends and peers for his unique style. Although he is a grungy boy at heart he enjoys cleaning himself up and transforming himself into a fashion trendsetter. Starting a clothing company was definitely a no brainer for us!

ClassyUrban is the signature style of Little Brown Boy Clothing Company (LBBco). Clean, Classy and Urban are the adjectives that describe his brand. Those same adjectives describe Clark’s style. Clark is the face of his brand. As Parents we are very proud of Clark and his dedication to his company. We feel that in supporting him as a kidprenuer we are instilling in him good work ethics, leadership and the understanding of how to own and operate a business, that’s our goal.

Thank you for shopping LBBco, Keep it Clean, Keep it Classy, Keep it Urban.